Joe Simpson and Drew Smith have spent over 20 years wandering in the wilds of design research and strategy.

Joe’s been focused on the automotive industry, but comes from an architecture and urban design background.

Drew’s been focused on almost everything but the automotive industry, but is a trained automotive designer.

Between us, we’ve got an insatiable curiosity about the points at which the worlds of the automotive industry, mobility, design practice and small-c culture intersect.

Rather than keeping those conversations locked in our iMessage feed, we thought we’d record them, and share them with whoever else is interested.

That’s why we created Looking Out.

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To start with, Looking Out will be a fortnightly publication.

But over time, we’re hoping to do special reports from major events, like CES, the motor shows and other interesting conferences.

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Looking Out was born out of an idea to foster better conversations about the future of the automotive industry, and the role it plays in society.

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Drew Smith

Researcher & Strategist